Network Time Synchronization

Welcome to   Time Systems, a new   Brand name dedicated for state of the art NTP/PTP Time Servers for IT, Industry, Metrology, Telecom, Power Distribution, Bank & Financials.  


Short brief of history. The origin of name  came from water clock used over 5000 years ago in China and later in India, Babylon, Egypt and Israel until pendulum clocks were introduced in Europe in 17th century. Today Clepsydra Water Clocks are still one of most facinating enginerring work (clik link to see water clock).  takes a pride to successfully continue a time metrology mission in 21st centrury. Our quantum NTP/PTP time servers offers accuracy, precision, stability, and durability. New Brand name  splits Time & Frequency business from other branches. CLEPSYDRA line includes:

Our products are available with Multi-SAT receivers symultanously supporting: GPS, GLONASS, GALILEO, BEIDOU powered by SBAS. Our products expertise highlights a result of more than 23 years experience in industry. Elproma is taking pride in placing emphasis on three critical factors: Versatility, Compatibility, Reliability, Stability, Safety and Security. The key to continued growth and success is Elproma ability to stay at the leading edge of IT technological innovation whilst paying full attention to the detailed needs of all our customers. Our products successfully support world famous IT brands offering exciting unique features when working with IBM ® , HP®, Oracle®/ Sun®  and CISCO® and others. In addition to its great functionality all our products incorporate well looking art design. The hard working (fan less) hardware construction makes MTBF unique at server business. Our technology is resistant to falsyfication of time and it protects world leading stocks, banks and financial institutionsElproma also makes custom build servers designed and suitable for specific application needs. Our products can support max. 6x LAN with NTP, PTPv2, CERN White Rabbit (WR), IRIG-B, AFNOR and other standards. 


Clepsydra UTC Time Scale Cluster (node)

Several National (EU) Institutes of Metrology has chosen Elproma NTP servers as their primary NTP server connected directly to national standard cesium clocks (read more news from NVLSIQ and others).

     Several   R&D projects has been awarded for innovation & technology and co-financed by European Community (EU).Company is working under controll of ISO9001.Our special version of NTS-3000 supports direct timestamps from cesium 5071A clock (Primary Reference Frequency Standard for National Institutes of Metrology)

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