In Teleorigin we offer three main kind of Telemetry Systems:

1. Online Selling System 

     Trade is based on exchange of money and goods. The better we know what we need to supply our shops and magazines with, the better we meet costumers’ expectations and the easier is to control our business. By using our solution all you have to do is turn on your computer and see it on-line.

     On-line sale is a system that gives you possibility of seeing deals that are made in your points of sale, their frequency and which of them are most common on one screen with no need of physical visit in any of those places. Control your sales just by clicking mouse button.

2. Customer Counting System

     Number of costumers visiting trade facilities is the best and direct measure of sellers efficiency and advertisement influence. System enables gathering information in parallel from network of shops as well as individual reports from chosen shops, which gives the possibility for business reaction in macro and micro scale. Real time access allows fast reactions and avoiding problem accumulation.

     Accurate hourly reports allow to assign customers flow and number of success transactions to people responsible for them. Precisely calculated number of clients that are using services in some time interval allow to match proper amount of employees for the tasks. This feature gives you a chance to optimize facilities functionality and strategy for your partners.

3. Temperature Control System

     You want to have actual temperature measurement and door open detector in your object, container or device? The solution is our "Teleorigin Temperature Control System" where you can observe and analyze actual temperature monitor inside and outside the object. Web portal is friendly to use, you can in a minute found any temperature leaps and you can fast react to any anomalies to solve the problems.

     Thanks to builtin GPS receiver you can find on map where your container or device is now. Graphs and statistic illustrate the temperature distribution in a given place at a given time.